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Perkhidmatan Bas Nadi Putra


Nadi Putra bus service began in June 1999. From June 1999 to April 2007, the management and operation of the Nadi Putra bus was privatized. A total of 25 diesel-powered buses used with 6 routes were available during this period. Since May 2007, the management and Nadi Putra bus operation was undertaken by a subsidiary of Putrajaya Corporation i.e. Putrajaya Sdn. Bhd. (PAPSB). Currently, 150 Nadi Putra buses of 12 meters lenght and 25 midi buses of 9 lenght with 23 fixed routes and 39 direct services is provided with a frequency of 15 to 30 minutes.


Increase number of ridership

Number of Nadi Putra bus passengers has increased in every year :

Year Adult Children Total Percentage Increase
2006 871,608 27,905 899,513 -
2007 1,788,285 58,913 1,847,198 105%
2008 2,411,516 133,586 2,545,102 38%
2009 3,050,144 174,135 3,224,279 27%
2010 2,747,051 217,432 3,793,788 18%
2011 3,942,810 312,083 4,254,893 13%

Nadi Putra Bus Control Centre (SPEKTRA PUTRAJAYA)

Nadi Putra bus control centre began operations using bus management system named SPEKTRA Putrajaya officially launch on March 11, 2011 by YB. Dato’ Raja Nong Chik bin Raja Zainal Abidin, Minister of Federal Territories and Urban Wellbeing. The implementation of SPEKTRA Putrajaya is part of the measured taken to improve the public transportation service in Putrajaya.

SPEKTRA Putrajaya operates with 4 sub system as follows :

  1. Bus Management System

    • Monitoring of Nadi Putra’s bus operation in real-time using interactive map to ensure buses operate according to planned schedule and route.
    • To analyze operational data in order to obtain optimum time of arrival at bus stops and terminal in Putrajaya.
    • Communication with bus drivers.
  2. Bus Information System

    • To manage, control data flow and to transmit accurate information to passenger information display at bus stops, Government Complex and Putrajaya Sentral.
    • To display estimated time of arrival via SVMS at bus stops and Plasma Display at selected Government Complex in Putrajaya.
    • To display schedule of arrivals and departures via Plasma Display at Putrajaya Sentral terminal.
  3. Electronic Ticketing System

    • The electronic Ticketing System is integrated to Automatic Parking System and able to accept cash fare, KAD Putra and Park n Ride card.
    • It provides complete data on fare collections, passengers, drivers and bus routes.
    • GPS enable to identify bus location automatically which then provide information regarding stage location every time passengers board the bus.
  4. Automatic Parking System

    • Parking System at Park n Ride is capable to handle payment system via cash and smart card.
    • The parking system provides daily and overnight parking service with reasonable rate.
    • Park n Ride parkers get free rides on Nadi Putra buses the whole day.

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